The Executive Board


President: Morgan Rawlings

Originally from New Jersey, Morgan graduated from Indiana University with a B.A. in East Asian Languages and Cultures and a double minor in music and international studies. While at IU, Morgan was an active member of the National Language Flagship’s Chinese program, Alpha Gamma Delta sorority, as well as The Singing Hoosiers, IU’s touring show choir. After graduation, Morgan worked professionally in the advertising world in the US and China for four years before deciding to return to school to focus on her true passion: international education. Morgan is currently a second-year International Education Management and Public Administration dual masters degree candidate at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies. At MIIS, Morgan is a student representative on the Global Operations Committee, Envisioning Middlebury Advisory Committee, and the Board of Overseers, and is excited to serve as your Student Council President for the 2017-2018 school year! 


Vice President: Elea Becker Lowe

Elea Becker Lowe is a second master’s year student in the International Environmental Policy Program with a focus in Natural Resources Management and Policy.  She grew up in Vermont, and like most MIIS students, has spent time living and traveling abroad before landing in California.  In her free time, she’s outdoors watching wildlife or hiking in the mountains.  She also loves yoga, gardening, and playing guitar.  Over the summer months Elea worked for the California Natural Resources Agency helping develop climate change adaptation policies for the state.  During her final year at MIIS and after graduation she plans to continue similar work.  Elea was the GSIPM Representative on Student Council last year and is looking forward to her new role as Vice President.  She is thrilled to be part Student Council once again to work with, support, and represent all of the amazing, diverse, and inspirational students at MIIS.  


: Radwa Wahba

Radwa is a second year joint MBA & International Policy & Development student. She received her BA in Global Affairs with minor in Linguistics from George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. While pursuing her undergraduate degree, Radwa worked with the Middle East Broadcasting Network, as Alhurra’s current events intern and went on to intern for Representative Karen Bass of California’s 37th district on Capitol Hill for four months after graduation.  She then went on to lead the King Abdullah Scholarship Program’s database evaluation & update as a Project Manager for the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission in Virginia, before beginning her journey at MIIS. Radwa is very much looking forward to connecting, engaging, and collaborating with the MIIS community as Treasurer for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Student Activities Director: Angelie Montesa

Angelie is a second year joint NPTS and MBA student with a focus on Corp
orate Risk Management and Compliance. She grew up in Salinas, California until moving down south to sunny Los Angeles to pursue her undergraduate degree. Upon graduation, she decided to stay in Los Angeles and work with at-risk adolescents suffering from substance abuse and trauma. She provided therapy and treatment to all adolescents and their families, but specialized in Spanish mono-lingual and low-income households. During her time there, Angelie learned about the various factors contributing to adolescent substance abuse and trauma, including that of sex and drug trafficking. Thus she decided to return home and begin a new journey at MIIS. She currently Interns with the Monterey County District Attorney’s Office, Bureau of Investigations and wants to be actively engaged in giving back to her hometown. During her free time, Angelie loves running in the sun, cooking for friends/family, and eating. She is excited to be a part of the Student Council and looks forward to serving, engaging, and connecting the MIIS community further. She plans to take social activities to a whole new level for the 2017-2018 academic year!


Historian: Brandon Rapoza

Brandon is a fourth semester NPTS student and a California native hailing from the small rural town of Sonora in Northern California. Brandon completed his undergraduate degree at the University of California at Davis where he graduated Summa Cum Laude with a B.A. in International Relations. In addition to Student Council, Brandon also serves as the Logistics Officer of the MIIS chapter of Women in International Security (WIIS). In his free time, Brandon enjoys hiking, backpacking, going to the gym, and flying his drone. 


Secretary: Megan Magleby

Megan is a second semester student in the joint BA / MA degree program in the Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies program. She grew up in the Silicon Valley and has earned an AA and completed the first two years of her BA degree studying at West Valley College and San Jose State University. Putting her degree on hold, she then worked with several humanitarian aid organizations throughout the Middle East. After spending the summer in the Kurdistan region of northern Iraq working as an intern for an NGO supporting refugees, she decided to continue her degree through MIIS. Throughout this next semester, Megan is excited to support our MIIS community by serving as Student Council Secretary.  


Communications Director: Gabriel Sanders

Gabe is a native of the Sonoma Wine Country–Santa Rosa, California to be precise. He grew up playing soccer, making action figures from pipe cleaners, watching Star Wars and reading books about Star Wars, and dreaming of the day that starships and a multicultural galactic society become reality. He wants to be a Jedi when he grows up…but decided to get an education in the mean time. He speaks Spanish and French, having earned an A.A. in Linguistics from the Santa Rosa Junior College and a B.A. in International Relations from UC Davis. During and since finishing his undergraduate education, he has worked in childcare, restaurants, wineries, and administrative and philanthropic roles in small and large companies. Just before coming to MIIS, he was making sandals and working as a strength and conditioning coach with Level 1 certifications in CrossFit and Strong First Girya disciplines. Now, he is a second semester International Policy and Development. One day, he hopes to use the wisdom of his mentors (Obi Wan, Master Yoda, and Idries Shah) to restore balance to the Force.


GSTILE Senator: Neil Hetrick

Neil was born in a small, rural town located in Northeast Ohio, and from childhood, he was intent on exploring the distant corners of the universe. As he saw it, Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon, and Neil Hetrick would be the first man on Mars. After taking high school physics, however, these astronomical aspirations never panned out. During his junior year of high school, he was able to explore the world by participating in a foreign exchange program to Germany. As he had grown up in a town with a higher population of cows than people, this experience truly exposed him to the colorful diversity and wonders of the world. After expanding his horizons through this first global experience, Neil has continued to find opportunities to study, work, and live abroad in various countries. Neil is now committed to providing similar transformational experiences to student populations throughout the world, and as such, he is currently pursuing his MA in TESOL with a specialization in IEM here at MIIS. After four semesters of experience on campus, Neil looks forward to serving the student body as GSTILE Senator, hoping to effectively facilitate communication and collaboration among various groups at this wonderfully diverse and dynamic Institution.

Office Hours:
2pm-4pm every Monday in Samson


 GSIPM Senator: Shaziya Netto

Shaziya Netto grew up in India, in the bustling city of Mumbai. She majored in Economics and Accountancy and went ahead to pursue her Chartered Accontancy Certification. Now she finds herself in Monterey, a second year student in the International Policy and Development Program with a specialization in monitoring and evaluation and a certification in conflict resolution. 
When she’s not juggling with her schedule, she enjoys a scenic hike, the sunshine by the beach or even an interesting read. If you’re lucky, you might occassionally catch her with a paint brush in hand appreciating some music!
Recently, she started working with a conflict transformation program Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) that holds experiental workshops to develop participants’ abilities to resolve conflicts without resorting to manipulation, coercion, or violence. 
Shaziya is thrilled to be serving her student body as GSIPM Senator and is looking forward to meeting and interacting with all the amazing individuals we have here at MIIS. 
Office Hours:
2pm-4pm every Monday in Samson