February 27th, 2018 Meeting Notes

Courtesy of Madame Secretary Megan Magleby

Summary of Student Council Meeting on February 27, 2018 from 12:00-1:50

  • President’s Report
    • Communication between Student Council Members
    • Program representatives were notified that they must each hold a town hall meeting once per semester and that a Student Council member must be in attendance to take notes. As well, they must hold office hours once a month.
    • Attendance of Student Council meetings are mandatory for all members of Student Council.
  • Reviewed Student Council Member Roles as described in Student Council Constitution
  • Specific Updates
    • Revamping Student Council Website
      • Duties of the Communication Committee can include revising the website.
    • Constitution Committee
      • Discussed the need to revise the Student Council Constitution as this is a yearly duty.
      • Discussion concluded that no committee is needed at this time. Will discuss allocating the responsibility for this task at a later date.
    • Student Council Involvement with Committees
      • StuCo Members must each serve on one committee.
      • Leaders of the committees are responsible for calling meetings, arranging their own agenda, and accomplishing their goals.
    • Grad Party
      • Discussed past Grad Party on Friday night which is sponsored by Student Council.
    • Graduation Dance
      • Discussed possibility of hosting a dance for Graduation.
  • Conference Funding Budget Vote
    • Update presented by Treasurer that the current Conference Funding Budget  requires further funds.
    • Motion to Vote on increasing Conference Funding Budget be re-allocating funding from available Student Council Budget. Motion passed unanimously.
  • Updates and Requests from Student Council Members
    • Erin – IEM Representative
      • Conducted a Townhall on Thursday, February 22nd. Requested updating information on the website – especially application deadlines. Clarified that there is no issue for students requesting conference funding to attend international conferences. Requested more stress management services on campus. Brought up issues concerning the firewall for MIIS email servers. Students are encouraged to reach out to IT Help Desk, start a ticket, and track an issue.
    • Caitlyn – IEP Representative
      • Requested more designated smoking areas. Clarified that students can reserve rooms or an office for any reason (including to conduct meetings with non-MIIS persons) by contacting CACS or possibly GSIPM office.
    • Chris – NPTS Representative
      • Requested that emails concerning events from other programs be forwarded to him. NPTS students would like to be informed when there are events from other programs as they might be interested in attending.
    • Chelsea – DPP Representative
      • With the creation of a new joint ITED/DPP degree, students are concerned that there isn’t clear communication about this degree. Concerned about students receiving information about changes to programs or new programs.
    • Gustavo – T&I/CI Representative
      • Concerned about finding new faculty for Spanish and Japanese programs. Students are requesting that new meetings not be held during lunch hour. Concerned about communication between language programs.
    • Susan – TLM Representative
      • Concerned about issues occuring from students changing their major from T&I to TLM.  
    • Neil – GSTILE Senator
      • Discussed GSTILE Dean Search meetings. Discussion regarding student feedback outlets including student council forums and appropriate methods for raising concerns with faculty.
  • General Discussion
    • Student Council Media Presence
      • Discussed enhancing Student Council presence on Social Media Platforms. Decided that this issue will be readdressed at a later date.


Student Council Events, Fall Semester 2017



Th     Community Resources Fair – Student Council Booth – Samson Center Patio 12-1:30pm



F/1                   SC Social Hour #1 – Samson Center 5pm-7pm

F/1                   Student Council 2017/18 Nominations
                        (Secretary, Communications Director, Historian, and all Program Representatives)

Th/7                 Student Council Nominations End

Th/7                Club and Community Fair – Student Council Booth – Holland Center Patio 12-1:50pm

W/13-F/15        Student Council Elections – Online

F/15                 SC Social Hour #2 – Samson Center 5pm-7pm (SC Election Results Announced)

T/19                 Executive Session Meeting #1 – McCone Boardroom 12pm-1:50pm

Sa/23               Mandatory SC Retreat & Orientation – Location TBD


T/3                   General SC Meeting #1 – Open to all Students – McCone Boardroom 12-1:50pm

T/17                 Executive Session Meeting #2 – McCone Boardroom 12pm-1:50pm

F/27                 SC Social Hour #3 – Samson Center 5pm-7pm

NOVEMBER    (November 18-26 Thanksgiving Break)

T/7                   General SC Meeting #2 – Open to all Students – CNS Seminar Room 12-1:50pm

F/10                 MIIS Follies – Irvine – 6pm and 8pm

T/14                 Executive Session Meeting #3 –McCone Boardroom 12pm-1:50pm

T/28                 Executive Session Meeting #4 – McCone Boardroom 12pm-1:50pm


F/8                   SC Social Hour #4 – Samson Center 5pm-7pm

T/5                   General SC Meeting #3 – Open to all Students – McCone Boardroom 12-1:50pm

T/12                 Executive Session Meeting #5 – McCone Boardroom 12pm-1:50pm

F/15                 December Graduates’ Party – Samson Center Dining Room 5pm-7pm

Open Meeting 2 Agenda

November 1, 2016

Morse A101


12:00 pm Attendance
12:05 pm Rebecca Henriksen: CACS Survey
12:15 pm Karl Larsen: Forum Funding Veteran Org/Volleyball Club
12:25 pm Justin Loza: Veterans Organization Yearly Budget and Business Plan
12:35 pm Susan Wang:

  • the parking lot
  • student housing
  • gym space
  • standing desks
12:45 pm Cabinet Reports

  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Social Chair
  • Communications
  • Secretary
  • President
1:05 pm General Discussion:

  • Open
1:45 pm Closing Remarks

Open Meeting 1 Agenda

The first open meeting of the 2016-17 school year will occur on October 4, 2016, 12pm-1:50pm, in Morse A101.

The following topics will be addressed:

12:00 pm

12:03 pm

12:05 pm

12:15 pm

12:25 pm

12:35 pm

12:45 pm

1:05 pm

1:45 pm



Appointment of 2nd Yr GSTILE Member at Large

Mario Romero: MForce and Amnesty International Funding Request

Ziming Yuan: GSTILE Fall Forum

Elea Becker Lowe: Bike racks on campus

Stephen Doolittle: Class gift

Cabinet Reports

  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Social Chair
  • Communications
  • Secretary
  • President

General Business

Closing Remarks


In order to better serve MIIS students, StuCo decided last year to revamp its constitution, as well as its structure. You can read the updated constitution here, but in case you have more interesting ways to spend your weekends, here are the important things you need to know.

The main change is the consolidation of the Program Representative positions into two positions per school. We now have GSIPM first-year and second-year Members at Large and GSTILE first-year and second year Members at Large. Elections for both positions will take place in September.

For you, this means the following:

  • Instead of reaching out to your respective Program Representative(s), you will instead reach out to your respective school Member at Large.
  • StuCo will now host a townhall for each program once per semester, which gives you the chance to voice your concerns
  • StuCo will also now be hosting one ‘open meeting’ per month, which invites any students interested to attend (if there’s something specific they would like to discuss an agenda request form will be shared in Fall)
  • Program Event funding requests can now come from any student interested in hosting an event (under the auspices of a club  Student Council or department) that will benefit all the students in their program

Student Council looks forwards to a great year serving you!