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Monterey Institute of International Trade Club


Welcome to the Monterey Institute of International Studies’ student-led International Trade Club.

Who We Are: The International Trade Club is made up of MIIS students. However, faculty, administration, and alumni collaboration is at the heart of the Club as well.

Our Goals: The MIIS International Trade Club seeks to foster communication among students, faculty, and the broader community on a variety of trade-related issues. Our goal is to construct a forum to bridge the gap between the academic and professional worlds, particularly in relation to the MIIS community.

We view trade not simply as the exchange of goods or services for commercial interests but as an umbrella for a myriad of related social, economic, and political issues, such as:

  • Development models and sustainable development
  • Social issues and human rights
  • Domestic and international political economy
  • The international legal structure
  • Environmental protection

What We Do: The main deliverable of the International Trade Club is the annual Spring International Trade Conference. This year’s conference is US-China Agricultural Trade: Critical Issues in Economic Statecraft.

Along with the conference, the Club also hosts social events and promotes professional and academic advancement opportunities for MIIS students.

Future Vision: In the future we hope to develop avenues to include student projects and opinions on trade-related issues and play a greater role in student professional advancement.

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