Nov 15

Friday afternoon I had the opportunity to change the stories on the homepage drop-up menus (e.g. the ones that appear when you scroll over “Admissions,” “Academics,” “Community,” etc. within the Global Navigation when you visit www.miis.edu)

Screenshots of the Featured Stories






Guidelines for Updating Homepage Stories

Moving forward, we would like to update the drop-up menu stories at least once a month (Next Date: December 15) according to the following criteria:

  • A diversity of constituency: students, alumni, and faculty
  • A diversity of academic programs: a balance between GSTILE and GSIPM
  • A balance of males and females
  • Emphasis on our multicultural community

If you have a story to feature on www.miis.edu, give us a hollar!

Sep 23

Sustainability = Culture Shift

  • How do we not just preach to the choir? If the students are comfortable on social media platforms, how do we say to faculty: The train is leaving the station, do you want to be on it?
  • Professor Reuhsen: Co-teaching and collaboration aren’t strengths of the GSIPM program.
  • Professor Wehling: How do we reduce the cost of collaboration within the faculty community?
  • Case Study: CALL Course: Strategic Learning Technologies

  • Practical focus: The course is designed for people who aren’t tech geeks.
  • This workshop will never be required for language education students. The content is student-driven. Students discuss how they’ve used tech in their graduate coursework and why they chose a particular tool.
  • Objective: Hypothetically there are 50 social media platforms, but how can we strategically choose between tools to have impact and promote learning goals? Over three days, students become more comfortable exploring new media tools.
  • The students network with each other share their tech-related insights.
  • Embracing Analog

  • We used post-it notes to better grapple with the process of using new media tools. Sarah tasked us with imagining a context, the opportunity that’s created, and the tech tool that could “be the solution.”
  • The tools will change (someday Facebook probably won’t exist anymore), but the journey will remain the same.
  • Live-blogged on Thursday September 23, 2010. Photo by Sarah Springer.

    Sep 09

    Last spring, I had the opportunity to collaborate with Kristen Byers to build the Knowledge Base, your guide to tech and media at the Monterey Institute.

    We’ve designed the Knowledge Base platform to answer your questions about Drupal (the miis.edu CMS), blogging, video, and much more. Here are a few examples of my work:

    More Questions?

    What other questions would you like the Knowledge Base to answer? Browse our content, and feel free to leave feedback below!

    Sep 01

    Whether you’re an translator/interpreter, language teacher, aspiring policy expert, or cutting-edge businessperson, there’ something for you in these new MIIS Around the World stories:

    As always, feel free to comment and leave feedback below (It’s the only way I learn!) What types of stories would you like to see in the future?

    If you’re an alumni, student, or faculty member, learn how to contribute your story to MIIS Around the World by visiting go.miis.edu/stories.

    Aug 11

    Last Spring, I continued polishing my digital storytelling skills using iMovie and Garageband. The first video showcases Monterey Institute student Rebekah Hunt’s experience interning for a conflict resolution organization in South Africa. The second one gives you a sneak peak of campus life, complete with screenshots taken from Google Earth, in anticipation of an upcoming campus tour video series.

    The Final Cut Learning Curve

    This TEDxMonterey promo – featuring writer and professor Kelley Calvert’s fossil fuel free cross-country road trip – marks my first foray into the world of Final Cut Pro. With a little help from digital media visionary Ryan Gonzalez, I mastered the editing basics, even delving into key frames. Enjoy!