The 2009 Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education (POD), recently held their annual conference in Houston, TX.  The theme of the conference, Welcoming Change: Generations & Regeneration was particularly relevant to the MIIS team who attended and presented.

Sarah Springer, Bob Cole, Peter Shaw, Leslie Buckalew, Amy McGill and Lynn McDonald attended the conference.  Bob and Peter presented session titled; Professional Conversations: An Open Source Framework for Individuals and Colleagues and Amy, Leslie and Lynn presented a session titled; Organizational Transformation: Shaping a Culture of Possibility.  These interactive sessions were well received creating a buzz around the conference that there is some great stuff happening in Monterey.

Some main themes of the conference were: understanding millennial students, using visuals as a method for development, strategies for creativity in the classroom, sustainability on campus, learning how to really listen/understand, learner centered teaching, cross-departmental teams and finding purpose and meaning in Higher Education.

Lynn, Amy and Leslie at their Presentation

Lynn, Amy and Leslie after their presentation