Unknown-3On Friday, February 7, Orion Lewis, Visiting Assistant Professor of Political Science at Middlebury, will give a lecture on “The Coverage of Conflict: The Role of Media in Insurgencies and Conflict Resolution.”

ABSTRACT: Does international media coverage of conflict play a significant role in shaping foreign policy decisions? What are the interrelationships between media coverage, international intervention, and conflict resolution? This paper sheds light on these questions by utilizing a new dataset on all major insurgencies from 1946-2006, NAVCO 2.0. We find that, in contrast to those that have rejected the notion of a “CNN effect,” on average international media coverage is significantly associated with a greater likelihood of third party intervention and a shorter duration of conflict. This analysis provides systematic empirical support for the argument that communications matter greatly for conflict processes in the 21st century and seeks to contribute to renewed scholarly interest in their role in international relations and foreign policy.

WHEN: Friday, February 7, 2 pm


Co-sponsored by the Center for Conflict Studies and the M2 Lecture Series.