Shapiro_photo_UWShawna Shapiro, Assistant Professor of Writing and Linguistics at Middlebury College, joins us on Friday, Feb 7, as part of the International Education Management lecture series. In an interactive talk entitled “Support, Resources, and Advocacy for International Students,”  Dr. Shapiro will present research-based strategies for helping international students to achieve success at U.S. institutions of higher education.  She will outline institutional structures and resources that have been found to be effective in supporting students with social and academic integration. She will also discuss the role teachers and administrators can play in advocacy for their international student populations, sharing some of the most challenging scenarios she has encountered in her work at both public and private institutions of higher education.

WHEN: Friday, February 7, 12 noon

WHERE: Casa Fuente 434

Co-sponsored by the M2 Lecture Series and the International Education Management program.