It’s time to start planning for Spring 2010 course hosting on Moodle. Please follow the simple directions below. Requests should not be emailed directly to the Help Desk. Use the online request form described below:

1. Start early. Don’t wait until the last minute to request a Moodle space or a Course Rollover.

2. Know your course title and number. Courses use the following naming convention:

• For example: IPOL 8555 SP10 Environmental Law
• Look course info up online to help expedite the process:

3. Directions to request a brand new course

4. Directions to request a rollover course (copy from a previous semester):

• You must specifically request the course you want rolled over in the ‘Reasons’ field. Reasons like, “I taught this last year and will teach it again this year” does not translate as a rollover, and will be treated as a new course request.

5. Requests will be fulfilled as quickly as possible and in the order that they are received.

The Help Desk is here for any questions you may have.  Ext. 6656

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