The Monterey Institute LinkedIn group, which currently boasts nearly 2000 members, recently added 6 subgroups:

  1. International Development & Nonprofit Enterprise
  2. Language & Cross-Cultural Communications
  3. Environment, Sustainability, Energy & Green Industries
  4. Public Policy, Security, and Nuclear Nonproliferation
  5. Business Leaders, Social Entrepreneurs, and Start-Ups
  6. Education: Students & Educators

The goal of these subgroups is to engage students, alumni, faculty, and staff around topics that are more specifically tailored to their individual interests. The subgroups are designed to allow MIIS community members to share expertise, resources, and job leads.

Monterey Institute LinkedIn subgroups

Please join any subgroups that are related to your area(s) of interest/expertise and help populate the groups with valuable discussions and job posts. You can participate by:

  • » Spreading the word to your MIIS LinkedIn connections
  • » Sharing job and internship opportunities
  • » Making connections for potential projects and partnerships
  • » Leveraging the MIIS collective conscience & global network to support students and alumni during the job search

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