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TLC Professional Development Workshops – Full & Filling Fast

For the January TLC Professional Development workshops, there is now a wait-list for the video editing workshop and just a few spaces left in the collaboration tools workshop.  If you’re still interested in participating in these workshops, please sign up and come ready to work in January!

Flickr photo from Matthew Field

Flickr photo from Matthew Field


TLC Professional Development Workshops in January

After surveying your needs, the Teaching and Learning Collaborative has planned two workshops during January: Video Editing (4 sessions) and Collaboration Tools (2 sessions).  We hope that as many of you as possible will take advantage of these opportunities to learn new tools and practices that you can use in your work and teaching.  For specific dates, times, locations, and syllabi, please visit the link below.

Professional Development


Where Should We Go For Your Winter Break?

On the possibly misguided assumption that faculty and staff have more free time to explore new territory during January, TLC has developed a survey that seeks your input on possible programming between semesters.  Do you want to learn to tell more compelling stories?  create more engaging presentations? edit that hour of video into the 4 minute segment someone might actually want to watch? bring a colleague from abroad to speak to your students without spending a dime? Please fill out this very brief survey and help TLC do the best possible job of meeting your needs.


MIIS Staff Members to Attend WeAreMedia Workshop

Next week, Kristen Byers and Rob Horgan will be attending a two-day intensive workshop on social media and non-profits sponsored by the Non-profit Technology Network in San Francisco. TLC and Recruiting have generously provided the funding for this. The conference requires that two people from an organization attend: one broader marketing staff member and one person in charge of technical implementation.

They will be keeping a blog to record their participation and implementation of a media project.

The goal of the conference is to provide participating teams with an understanding of how to craft a social media strategy and to experiment with tactical approaches. Thanks to some advice and input from Caroline Mansi, Lynn McDonald, and Bob Cole, Rob and Kristen have decided to explore the merits of using Twitter for promotion, recruitment, marketing and information sharing at MIIS. Kristen has extensive experience in new media projects and is a regular user of Twitter. Rob recently created a Twitter account for the Recruiting Department:

The workshop aims to help participants plan and effectively integrate their media project (in this case, Twitter) into their organization’s overall web communications. They hope to return to campus with some ideas for implementation.

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