‘De los Buenos, Somos Más’

I had a conversation (maybe more accurately, a bombardment of questions about Honduras) with a member of COCEPRADII (Comité Central Pro Agua y Desarrollo Integral de Intibucá), Carlos, a few nights ago. During which, he told me something that I have seen many examples of recently. While in the midst of asking him his thoughts on the current President, the effects of foreign mining projects, and gang violence, he stopped me and said that the most important thing to remember in the midst of any problems Honduras may have is that “de los Buenos, somos más.” Unfortunately, this sentiment, which is beautiful in Spanish doesn’t translate that well – ‘of the good; we are more’- but hopefully the message remains the same…


Photo: “Our bodies and lands are not market goods”, “Respect earth, equity, justice, peace, love, life, dignity, participation”, “Inclusion, happiness, liberty, sovereign autonomy”

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