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TaynaTayna Martins

I am a master’s student in International Affairs at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva. I was born and raised in Brasília. Growing up in the capital of Brazil allowed me to be constantly surrounded by the Brazilian heterogeneity. This influenced my avid curiosity for new cultures and places, which led me to multiple experiences abroad studying or volunteering, such as in Spain, Portugal and Turkey.

My masters program is focused on conflict and peacebuilding. My wish to combine my legal background with conflict studies motivated me to write my thesis on the constitution-making process in post-conflict countries.

I have been continuously engaged in volunteer experiences, internships and researches closely related to human rights. I would like to highlight my participation in the Rondon’s Project, which focuses on the development of poor regions in Brazil, the one I was involved in was aimed at the dissemination of the legal protection of women and children victims of domestic violence. Such experience was crucial in increasing my eagerness to work with projects related to the strengthening of human rights conditions.

ChristineChristine Young

I grew up with my parents and three younger brothers in Saskatoon, Canada, waiting for the opportunity to explore the world. Since my first trip to Guatemala when I was 18, I have been captivated by Central America and have returned several times to study Spanish, volunteer, and do research. I am currently completing a masters degree in international law and the settlement of disputes at the United Nations mandated University for Peace in Costa Rica, and writing my thesis on community consultation processes in relation to mining in Honduras.

Prior to my move to Costa Rica, I worked with World University Service of Canada to provide scholarships and support to refugee students, enabling them to study at Canadian universities. I also worked with an organization called Women in the Legislature, which seeks to enhance awareness about the underrepresentation of women in political positions.

I am passionate about community participation in creating change. During my previous experiences researching and traveling through Honduras, I have been inspired by the community mobilization that has taken place throughout the country in efforts to protect the environment, protest impunity, and advocate for human rights. I am very excited to be a part of peacebuilding efforts within Honduras and on a larger scale through the Center for Conflict Studies.

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