Traveling Around Prague

One of the biggest concerns I had before arriving in Prague was how we would be getting around. Being lost in a strange city is always a stressful event, and even more stressful with no ticket. Fortunately we had those issues taken care of. That doesn’t mean there weren’t stories, though…

The only time we were really on our own was when we first arrived. I had done research and knew that the cheapest way to get to the airport was by bus. I made my way through the airport to the bus terminal and bought my ticket. This is where I learned the importance of having a map app on my phone. on the app I could just put in the hotel, and it told which bus to get on. Of course, it’s not a perfect plan.

Along the way I followed the directions and switched buses. My stop was after a bridge, but I wasn’t sure exactly where. As the stops went by, I started to realize I had missed my stop! I quickly got off, but this stop was far away from the tourist area. Luckily all the bus stops in Prague have bus maps on them, and using a flashlight and the app I was able to work out where I needed to go. After this hiccup I never had any more difficulty finding my way around using public transportation.

One of the nice things about the transportation system of Prague is that when you get on a bus, tram or metro you don’t need to show your ticket, you just get on. This made getting around very easy, and thanks to the two week long passes we received from the school, we were able to easily get around the city. The way that the city makes sure that people have bus tickets is by using ticket inspectors at random stations. The whole time I was in Prague I never had my ticket checked, until the morning of the very last day. Luckily I had my ticket with me, otherwise I could have been facing a large fine.

One of the best ways to get around the city is by tram. All the trams have large windows, and during the day you get an amazing view of the city, especially the ones that run by the river. Prague has a beautiful river that runs through the city and seeing the bridges that cross them is definitely worth the trip.