Co-working spaces- A Good Place to Find Entrepreneurs

Regardless of the marathon of training that Frontier Market Scouts receive, we are still essentially thrust into the world and told to “find entrepreneurs.”  In theory, this is easy, especially coming from Silicon Valley, where random people in line at Starbucks will pitch to anyone within earshot.  In the rest of the world, people do not wear a, “Hello, I’m an entrepreneur” sign on their backs- so you have to go hunt for them.

One of the first places I checked out in Bombay were the co-working spaces.  These are all relatively new, but are taking off fast.  Here’s why I think they’re an extra-good idea here:

1. That little yellow triangle with an exclamation point

It is nearly impossible to find good coffee shops with reliable, fast, free wifi- eliminating one of the staple working spaces of entrepreneurs.

Note: If you do want a map of free wifi (may or may not work reliably) in the city, go here

2.  Yes mom, I do mind if you watch Judge Judy right now

Working from home is kind of a drag.  Most entrepreneurs are young and unmarried (who has time to meet a spouse when you spend all day with your business plan?)  In India, this probably means you are living with your parents, and in Bombay, space is at such a premium that there isn’t much room to work without interruption. Getting out of the house is pretty nice.

3.       Cash money

The most expensive space runs at about 430 USD a month, and others are available for as low as 50 USD a month.  Most offer some kind of tiered pricing option if you only need the space for part of the month. At a minimum, spaces have internet, coffee and desk space without mom.  Winning.

So far, I’ve visited three of the co-working spaces in the city:

The Playce

Though not convenient for where I live, it is a nice space with a very colourful, youthful startup vibe to it.  Something about the desk arrangement, the whiteboard greeting wall, and the friendly atmosphere make it feel fun, collaborative and very entrepreneurial.  The presence of over twenty people working on a Saturday also let me know that it’s still a serious place to work.  Work hard, play hard.

The Playce

Our First Office

This new space already has three locations in city hotspots, Churchgate, Lower Parel and Nariman Point.  Their vibe is professional chic, and the founder, Milind Doshi, seems to be connected to all the entrepreneurs in the city.  More NYC than Silicon Valley, this is the type of place that makes you want to dress up, sit down, and get it done.

OFO Reception

Bombay Connect

A co-working space that caters mostly to social enterprises, the vibe here is akin to a newsroom, cramped, energetic, and informal.  The building interior is very “old Bombay”, with lots of wood, wrought iron and Indian décor. While not the quietest working environment, the place pulsates with creative energy.

Bombay Connect