PALF-VilCap Edupreneurs India 2013 Cohort

Edupreneurs CohortPictured above and described below are the14 fabulous Education Start-ups of the 2013 PALF-VilCap Edupreneurs Accelerator.  We kicked off in Hyderabad for four days of workshops in September and are about to have our second workshop in Delhi.  Reflections on Hyderabad to follow.

40K Plus Education ( ) – sets up learning ‘pods’ in rural villages which offer gamified, tablet-based after-school tutoring to students of government and low-cost private schools.

Callystro Infotech ( ) – offers gamified, activity based learning programs mapped to India’s NCERT syllabus for grades 1-8 packaged in the form of an integrated curriculum delivery and management system for schools (, as well as a virtual world for individuals (

EdWell Solutions ( – operates cost-effective learning centres with an integrated multimedia tech platform to project live presentations from urban based lecturers to multiple rural locations targeting students of primary standard and also implements e-learning solutions for government schools in Uttarakhand.

Effect International ( – is a scalable network of sustainable, affordable private schools. A lean operational model trains qualified edupreneurs to successfully run individual schools supported by a centralized management staff with supplemental curriculum, mentoring, and quality control.

Experifun Learning Solutions ( )- sells kits of hands-on devices to facilitate activity based, hands-on science learning, mapped to every major education board in India.

Magic Pathshala ( )- is a mobile education program with lessons to impact literacy and numeracy learning outcomes amongst primary school children in rural India.

MangoSense ( ) – MangoReader allows users to create, share and learn from stories using simple tools for mobile and web.  Teachers, parents and educational institutions can create new stories or remix existing content for varying competencies or languages.

Sage Services – is a low cost private school chain located in Andhra Pradesh.  It targets underserved communities in mid-sized rural towns to provide higher quality education at the same price as competing schools.

Scholowiz Educational Solutions ( ) – offers low-cost, high-quality consultancy, evaluation, and certification services, focusing on affordable schools, with follow-on professional development and training programs that last one calendar year and are delivered online using affordable technology.

SEED Edu Corp ( )- invests into selective low-cost private schools, providing a bouquet of services to improve learning outcomes and operational efficiencies.  Through its curriculum, training and management support, SEED will address the gaps in the low-cost private school segment that have largely gone unaddressed due to lack of resources.

Sudiksha Knowledge Solutions ( ) – is a rapidly growing chain of 22 preschools in Hyderabad which taps an overlooked labor pool of educated, usually married women with no previous professional employment experience to run franchise locations near their homes on an incentivized, profit-sharing model.

RMinds Education ( )- is an education management company that works independently or in association with school leaders to establish, operate, manage and develop quality-driven, affordable schools in India.

TeachersLikeMe – is an affordable teacher training and certification programme that utilizes content from open source Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) delivered straight to teachers through a platform that integrates analytics and testing with individualized SMS follow-up assessments.

Teer Design ( )- Classalyze, the flagship product of Teer, is an online platform that uses classroom assessment data to measure & improve learning outcomes. Teachers are able to design better assessments and analyze scores on a per concept level, and use insights from analysis to improve future instruction by identifying strengths and weaknesses in the classroom.