Stopped by Hurricane Ernesto

It was our final week at Tobacco Caye and right in the middle of our plans came Hurricane Ernesto.  Based on numerous surveys and interviews with community members, we finally decided on four different projects to present to the community.  One major project is rodent control; rats tend to nest in large piles of and coconut husks that have not been burned.  Another project is a safe swimming area.  Tobacco Caye has many water taxis, tour boats, catamarans and fishing boats that speed into docks at a dangerous rate.

A few people have thought that a safe swimming zone would require boats to slow down as they enter the caye and protect swimmers & snorkelers from harm.  A good business project is for the availability of a tour guide training on the island.  The best option would be a subsidized project for interested parties to only pay a small fee.  The final project is a fully functional solar system so that the island does not have to use noisy and costly gas generators.  Unfortunately, Ernesto came around and the whole island was evacuated the day of our planned community meeting.  Now we have four great projects but no clear direction as to where to go next.  Any ideas?



   Rebecca Walters

August 20, 2012 @ 5:27 pm   Reply

More questions – are you able to communicate with the community in any manner at the moment? Who would continue and implement these projects? Will there be CBE Fellows in Belize next summer?


       Anja Mondragon

    August 20, 2012 @ 5:36 pm   Reply

    We can’t really communicate with the public, but the Tobacco Caye Marine Station is there and is interested in helping to implement the Tour Guide Training project. I’m not sure if the CBE will sponsor Fellows there again. What are your thoughts?

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