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ICAPP is a fantastic service opportunity for those in the MIIS community interested in art and beautifying our public spaces. The Committee offers an avenue for individuals to make their voices heard.

We are seeking student representatives! This is an opportunity to build your leadership, community service, and project management skills. Reach out to any ICAPP member or complete the form below to indicate interest. 


This committee is comprised of six members including: four faculty/staff (rotating positions), the Director of Facilities Services (permanent position), and one student representative. Current rotating members of the Committee include Jennifer Dayton-Johnson, Carolyn Meyer, Eduardo Fujii,  Jen Mathieu, and Linae Ishii-Devine. Director of Facilities Services Andrew Hernandez serves as a permanent member. CAPP at MIIS works closely with the Middlebury CAPP, the MIIS Space Director, the Advancement Office, and other relevant stakeholders.

Full-time faculty, staff, and students members will serve a minimum of one academic year. The Committee will recruit from across the Institute campus for positions the summer before every academic year. The service term will be from August 1 – July 31 each year.  

CAPP members meet for 1.5 hours every month. Agenda items are submitted in advance to the designated CAPP program manager.

Want to join CAPP?

Great! We would love to have you join us! CAPP is looking for new student committee members. Student representatives should be willing to volunteer their time for 1.5 hour monthly meetings. For consideration for inclusion to the committee this academic year, please fill out the MIIS Committee on Art in Public Places Application Form.

Additionally, members of the MIIS community are encouraged to contact CAPP to voice opinions, concerns, and questions regarding public art on campus.

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