Meet the Committee

Members and Structure:

Current Members: This committee is comprised of six members including: four faculty/staff (rotating positions), the Director of Facilities Services (permanent position), and one student representative. Current rotating members of the Committee include Jennifer Dayton-Johnson, Carolyn Meyer, Eduardo Fujii,Jen Mathieu, Linae Ishii-Devine, and Kaitlin Emmons. Director of Facilities Services Andrew Hernandez serves as a permanent member. ICAPP will also work closely with the Middlebury CAPP, the MIIS Space Director, the Advancement Office, and other relevant stakeholders. ICAPP also includes 1-2 student representatives from the MIIS Arts Club. 

Service Length: Full-time faculty, staff, and students members will serve a minimum of one academic year. The Committee will recruit from across the Institute campus for positions the summer before every academic year. The service term will be from August 1 – July 31 each year.  ICAPP members will meet for 1.5 hours every month. Agenda items are submitted in advance to the designated ICAPP program manager (one of the rotating members will fulfill this role).

We look forward to bringing a unified approach to public art displays on campus and adding exhibition spaces that showcase the work of our students and alumni as well as artists that speak to the Middlebury Institute mission.

To learn more about our existing and planned projects, reach-out to any ICAPP member.

Jennifer Dayton-Johnson

Jennifer earned a BA degree in Practice of Art at University of California, Berkeley. Since then she has been a practicing artist and teacher of art to both children and adults. She has exhibited her work in California, Nova Scotia and in Paris. Her interest in interior spaces has been life-long. “Since childhood,” says Jennifer. “I have had a fascination with the way in which objects and colors relate to one another and how they affect the human psyche, particularly a person’s sense of well-being. My work as a painter has been preoccupied with these questions for the past number of years.” Jennifer hopes to draw upon her experience as a practicing artist and student of interior design to help fulfill CAPP’s mission.

Carolyn Meyer

Ms. Carolyn Taylor Meyer is Director of Professional Immersive Learning and Special Programs in the Graduate School of International Policy & Management at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey. She manages semester-long immersive learning programs such as the International Professional Service Semester (IPSS) and the DPMI International Development Practicum (DPMI Plus). In addition to working with the Institute’s credit-bearing internship programs, she helps design and manage specialized short trainings open to participants who are not currently enrolled at the Institute but are looking to learn new skills related to MIIS degree programs.

She advises MIIS graduate students interested in participating in a semester-long immersive learning program/fellowship/co-op while also building a network of international and domestic internship opportunities.

Andrew Hernandez

Andrew serves as the Director of Facilities at the Middlebury Institute. He has prior work experience managing facilities in major Monterey hotels. Andrew regularly works with the Middlebury College facilities team.

Eduardo Fujii

Since 1996, Eduardo has been writing software for a variety of CNS’s database-driven web applications, including the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) Disarmament Database, the Analytical Hierarchical Process (AHP) decision making model applied to emergency preparedness, the WMD Terrorism Database, the CBRN Incident and Response database (IRD), the Iraq Inspections database, CNS/UNMOVIC Iraq Abstracts, and others. Eduardo is also an award-winning photographer and accomplished videographer, responsible for filming CNS seminars and lectures and making them available online and on cable TV.

Eduardo was one of the first MIIS students to intern at the UN Department for Disarmament Affairs in New York, NY and in 2004 he worked as a consultant for the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna, Austria. He is an avid photographer. His work can be viewed here.

Jen Mathieu 

Originally from Washington State, Jen has lived in California since she earned her BA from Loyola Marymount University. She moved to Monterey in 2006 and feels lucky to call this beautiful city home. As an avid international traveler, she has visited every inhabited continent. She joined the MIIS Enrollment Team in 2015.

Linae Ishii-Devine

Linae Ishii-Devine plans and implements events across campus, with a focus on presidential and advancement-related gatherings. She is responsible for events held at the President’s Residence. Linae joined the Institute in 2001. She earned her bachelor’s degree in public administration at San Diego State University and holds a Certified Meeting Professional designation from the Convention Industry Council.

Kaitlin Emmons

Kaitlin Emmons is a research associate at CNS where she supports the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) grant. She designs infographics and interactive materials on countries, treaties, and international organizations for nonproliferation and disarmament education. Kaitlin earned her MA in Public Administration from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies. She holds BA degrees in International Affairs and Studio Art from Bridgewater State University.

Katriya Burkdoll

Katriya Burkdoll is a MAIEM-MPA student who co-leads the MIIS Arts Club. She earned her BA in Studio Art from Cal-State University. 

Tatiana Wade

Tatiana MPA/IEM ’23 is a new student club leader for the MIIS Arts Club. Tatiana and Todd sit on ICAPP through their role as club leaders for the Arts Club. 

Todd Kimball

Todd (TJ) IEM ’22 is a new student club leader for the MIIS Arts Club. Todd and Tatiana sit on ICAPP through their role as club leaders for the Arts Club. 

Prati Rosen

Prati is an IEP student and serves as a student representative on ICAPP.


Barbara Burke, Space Director at the Middlebury Institute

Pieter Broucke, Director of the Arts at Middlebury College

Richard Saunders, Director of the Middlebury College Museum of Art




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