Samples of Work

Please feel free to click on the links below to view some examples of projects completed for my courses and at my practicum.

Umbra International Experience Career Workbook

An interactive and reflective workbook for students who have studied abroad, specifically adapted to the Umbra Institute’s context in Perugia, Italy. This complemented the Re-entry Workshop by educating students on the skills and intercultural competence they have gained abroad, and how to apply it professionally in the future.

MCCC Spain ICC Assessment Proposal:

A proposal, including the assessment instruments, for evaluating development of intercultural competence (ICC) in short-term, faculty-led Spain study abroad program students for Montgomery County Community College (MCCC) in PA.

VIA Asia Fellowship Marketing and Recruitment Plan:

A team-based consultancy project consisting of a marketing and recruitment plan based on market research, competitor analysis, and proposed strategies based on VIA’s brand and recruitment objectives.

International Staff Management Toolkit:

A compilation of resources for building and succeeding in managing international staff in a culturally competent manner, including tips on interviewing and candidate selection, salary negotiation, fostering a healthy cultural organization and teamwork in diverse groups.

IEM Carte des Compétences:

A map of the necessary competencies for becoming a successful international education manager aligning with MIIS IEM Program learning objectives, conducted in French by a small team of IEM French-speaking students.

Heritage Language Preservation:

A comparative research paper exploring the history and revitalization efforts of heritage and indigenous language education in France and the U.S.

Undocumented Student Policy Paper:

An issue paper on a hypothetical college’s policy proposal for supporting the undocumented student population. Written and presented by a team of colleagues composed of myself, Grace O’Dell, Rachel Miyazaki, and Elizabeth Sinclair.

Study Abroad and Sociolinguistic Competence:

A paper reviewing the benefits of immersive language learning and interdependent cultural learning and the current trends in study abroad, touching upon the importance of pulling best practice from other fields to improve Education Abroad.