You might enjoy…

In this issue, we present two books and a TV series that you might enjoy reading and viewing in your free time!

Born on the Edge of Race and Gender by Willy Wilkinson. Recommended by Allies at MIIS. Allies at MIIS is reading Willy’s book as part of this semester’s Reading Club. This book uses the power of storytelling to express the intertwined nature of Wilkinson’s heritage, transgender, and disability experiences. It also offers an intimate view of how greater political battles over trans* issues affect the individual. Willy will be joining us for a discussion of how intersectionality manifests and how we can systematically affirm diversity in our community.

The Gift of our Wounds by Pardeep Kaleka and Arno Michaelis. Recommended by Allies at MIIS. Pardeep and Arno have an unlikely connection – Pardeep’s father was killed by a white supremacist who belonged to a group led by Arno Michaelis. However, the two overcame this great divide through the power of forgiveness and compassion. This book follows their journey, from before that devastating day to the work that the two now do with students to promote nonviolence. Pardeep and Arno will also be joining us on April 2 for a discussion on their journey and current work, so make sure to read this book soon!

Pose directed by Ryan Murphy. Recommended by Jacob Dwyer. – A portrayal of late-1980s New York mainly from the perspective of those participating in Ball culture, this show revolutionized television by employing the largest trans* cast ever seen. This show provides an inside look not only into the fun and glamorous world of balls (large parties where participants would try and embody a certain category and achieve ‘realness’), but also into the issues that plagued the Queer community then, and still affect it now. Catch up on this show before Season 2 airs this year.