Reflections and Responses–Feedback on The Black Mirror

It has been two years since we started publishing The Black Mirror. With two issues per semester, and this being our eighth issue, we wanted to take stock on how our community uses the newsletter.

We welcome your input, and because we would like to engage with some of you personally, we will require your emails to respond to the survey.  

For us (Pushpa Iyer as CDO and the many students who have been involved over time), The Black Mirror is a great way to showcase our community members and their work. It has also played a role in bringing diversity and inclusion issues at MIIS and beyond to the community’s attention. As Vice-President Jeff Dayton-Johnson has written in his letter in this issue, “The Black Mirror has become a lively and open forum for debates central to what we do at MIIS, as well as how we do it.” 

In this spirit, we wanted to ask you what you would like to continue to see us publish, and if you had suggestions for other types of information you would like us to include. Many thanks in advance for your responses. Click here to take the survey (please note that you will have to log in to your Middlebury Google account to participate).