Allies at MIIS

Last semester was challenging, but also a very successful one for Allies at MIIS. We engaged in deep reflections during this period, while also taking time to consolidate the initiative. Three years after the start of Allies at MIIS, it was time to look back and take stock.

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Food for Thought: Having a Difficult Conversation about the Environment

By Pushpa Iyer (with contributions from Jason Buchanan)

Discussions of the environment are omnipresent—in our politics, in our media, and on our campus. It is imperative we speak about the environment and primarily climate change. The courage and passion of sixteen-year-old Greta Thunberg is a testament to the fact that the younger generation (our students included) are concerned, as those who will deal more closely with environmental changes, and want to have their voice heard.

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News from Other Higher Education Institutions

News coming out of other higher education institutions is interesting for our work on diversity, equity, and inclusion. In this issue, we are looking at the recent ruling by a federal judge that clears Harvard of explicit bias against Asian-American applicants and a book burning incident at Georgia Southern University as a reaction to comments made by a Latina author on white privilege.

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