From the Desk of the Chief Diversity Officer

I hope 2020 has started well for everyone! There is something about starting a new year. A determination to use another opportunity for a fresh start, a conviction that if only we did more, took better care of ourselves and others, the world could be a better place. At least it is how I start a new year even if some degree of pessimism begins to set in fairly quickly.

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MIIS Speaks-Self-Care

By Pushpa Iyer with Jason Buchanan

Thanks to all who took the time to complete our poll on self-care in the interactive section “Reflection and Response” in Issue 6. We always learn from reading your thoughtful comments and are always excited with the resulting discussion it generates amongst members of our community. 

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Food for Thought: DEI Jobs

So you want to work on/in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion?

By Pushpa Iyer

The subject and practice of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) especially in higher education, is a priority today; rightfully so, given that racism, white nationalism, and white supremacy are so visible and prevalent everyday in communities and institutions.

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