Author: Amy Clark


Cramming my backpack for the last time on these soils, puts me in a reflective mood: 1)   Ripe clothing? Check! (With thanks to my daughters who shared their laundry tips with me: “If it can’t yet totally stand up on its own, and if you don’t see people risking their lives in the street to […]


As this particular quest nears its end for me, it is far too easy to slip backwards down a channel of despair and resignation—the ultimate toilet bowl swirl. (Is anyone else detecting a theme here?) The struggles continue as they have since the Spanish conquistadores first landed in the 1500’s. The land theft and the […]

What rolls downhill, and rhymes with . . . ?

Every picture tells a story . . . .a picture’s worth a thousand words . . . . (Relax!  This is not about to become a graphic for the title of this piece.) When I shared with you the picture of the missing man, it was because it symbolized, for me, empty spaces occupied by gossamer hopes […]


  Today, America celebrates the adoption of its Declaration of Independence, marking 238 years of freedom from British rule. On the 14th of July, Bastille Day, France will honor the battle which lead to the end of feudalism and the enactment of its Declaration of Rights of Man and of the Citizen. As I walk around Mexico […]


ARMS THAT AREN’T FOR HUGGING HELPING HANDS THAT DON’T . . . or perhaps they do (just not in the manner that I have so come to appreciate)           Words and their meanings tumble over and over through space as I try to get my bearings in this land of mind-altering […]


We aren’t in Kansas any more, Toto! Beamed at less than warp speed from the safety of my rocking chair—courtesy of United Airlines and some major “we’ve got problems, Houston” weather–I find myself immersed in a vibrant city that never seems to sleep. Bienvenido a Mexico City! Swathed in the mantle of uncertainty and fear donned with […]

Fallow Fellow Fumblings

From the relative comfort of my rocking chair in Boulder, smut novels and bon bons nestling with Medusa thoughts writhing about colorful balls of inertia in the bottom of my knitting basket, it is easy for me to flip the remote to the Self Pity Channel: “I wish I were on the ground doing good!” […]

From Peak to Peek

Though not within the purview of this particular study of water conflicts in Mexico, Long’s Peak rises in my backyard as a reminder of the juxtaposition of Nature’s majesty and the barren wasteland that lies at the end of her convoluted resource chain. It is from this peak that the headwaters of the Colorado River […]

Adventures in Humility

With so many humbling Life’s lessons tucked into my portfolio, one would think I would have mastered the art of humility by now.  As with the protagonists in The Years of Rice and Salt, however, it appears that I am destined to relive and relearn those lessons, until I have them perfected.  (In my assumption […]

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