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Kevin Emore/ Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies, Spanish

I wish my first foray into Spanish was a little more profound than “I need to take a language, let’s give Spanish a shot,” but it really wasn’t. I was coming back to the US for the first time in almost ten years after living and working on four different continents doing a variety of […]

Natalie Cox/ International Public Administration, French

I began learning French as an eighth grader in a small town in Washington State. It was a largely arbitrary decision, in part governed by fantasy of windows to new worlds opening, and the possibility to connect with a large number of new people, previously closed off to a girl from middle-class America. After a […]

Peter Soroka, Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies & Arabic

As I stepped onto the tarmac at Muscat International Airport to begin a summer long Arabic program, I became enveloped by a heavy miasma of humidity. I couldn’t wait to grab my luggage, head to my air-conditioned hotel room, and change into lighter clothing. Little did I know that these simple desires would never come […]

Language learning experience at MIIS

  This official video captures the perspectives of a few MIIS students about their language courses and how they think “language” contributes to their career goals.

Fall Forum 2013 for Translation and Interpretation Programs!

Once a year, students in the Translation and Interpretation (T&I) programs showcase their consecutive interpreting skills at the Fall Forum, where speakers from the Monterey community are invited to talk about a topic in their native languages. T&I students interpret the speeches into English and questions from the audience, composed of students, faculty and the community, […]

Stephanie Toriumi, International Education Management & Spanish

  Here is an interview with an International Education Management (IEM) student, Stephanie. She speaks English, Japanese, Spanish, French and Portuguese. Her language of study at MIIS is Spanish. If you’re interested in the IEM program, see what she has to say!  

Emerald, MBA program & English

This is Emerald from China, a first year student in the 2-year MBA program. Her language of study at MIIS is English.
Her dream is to work as a consultant and eventually establish her own company.


Yana, Fulbright Scholar from Ukraine

Yana is a Fulbright scholar from Ukraine studying for a year in the TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) program. We have quite a few Fulbright students on campus in various programs like Yana. Let’s see what Yana has to say about MIIS!  

International Bazaar 2013

On April 20th, MIIS hosted the International Bazaar where students from different backgrounds prepared and sold traditional cuisine and beverages from their countries. The Bazaar was completely student-run, including a photo contest and other musical entertainment. It was a beautiful day. Students, faculty and staff, and everyone enjoyed the great international mingle under the California […]

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