Author: Ainhoa Martinez

See you soon Mexico

Today is my last day in the field and I am packing everything and getting ready to come back home after 2 months of great moments in this wonderful country. It is a mixture of feelings what I feel about Mexico. I hate it and love it at the same time. The main reasons to […]

Last days in Mexico City

As the fellowship on water conflicts is comming to an end, this week I have visited some places I haven’t been to and came back to my favorite sites of the city one last time. First I visited “La Villa – Basílica de Guadalupe”, where the virgin of Guadalupe is placed. I told you in […]

Women worthy of admiration

The power of women gets stronger when we join our forces and I have been able to check it during my experience in Mexico. In all the cases of water conflicts we found in Mexico, there were women fighting against injustice, threats, working to bring water to their homes, standing in the first row in […]

Jalisco, I love you

Nature is life and water is life. That can perfectly summarize our trip to Jalisco this past week. It was a long journey by bus, but it was worth it. Within this trip I have seen myself as a real researcher and listening to all the stories individuals told us made me feel for the […]

Trying to keep fit and healthy

Since I started Law School I knew I wanted to dedicate my career to travel and work in developing countries. Apart from your professional or academic skills, I believe keeping your mind and body strong is a key fact to perform a successful mission. This thought came to my mind again when I got sick […]

Iztapalapa, the district hit by water conflicts.

Our second individual interview took place this weekend, in the Delegation of Iztapalapa where we got a glimpse of water issues affecting an entire district.     This district lies in the northwest region of the city. An area high in crime, low resources and known to be overpopulated. Taking these facts into account, we […]

The altitude of Mexico City

These last days I have been feeling a little bit sick because of the lack of oxigen in the air and the altitude at which is located Mexico City. After calling my insurance service and visiting the doctor, I am feeling much more better now that I have taken the proper medicines. The problem is […]

Our first water story after an exhausting day

June 25th, we had a meeting with Mrs. Mara Hernandez (a specialist on water conflicts in Mexico). Jessica and I felt a little bit lost among Insurgentes main avenue, Mrs. Hernandez was vague in giving us specifications about how to find her office, we might had the wrong address and Amy was in the city […]

The house of musicians

It’s been more than 2 weeks since I landed in Mexico City and every day I discover new qualities of the people who are around me, which actually fascinate me. The area where I am living is close to the School of Music and because of that, it is easy to come across with musicians […]

Sharing a meal with my Mexican friends

Since the very first moment I arrived to my home in Mexico City, I got on well with my rommates and I promised them I would cook Spanish omelette for them one day. Well, it’s been almost 2 weeks since I landed here and it was time to prepare a nice dinner, so last night […]

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