Author: Alexander Kalish

Demo Day to Monterey

That was the fastest and busiest summer I’ve ever had. Van life was a whirlwind that consisted of waking up each morning, jumping in the ocean, getting coffee, and then working for 12+ hours each day trying to balance developing our prototype, refining and practicing our pitch, meeting with everyone we possibly could, and working […]

Van Life

This last month of my fellowship has been a whirlwind! My last update had me preparing to head off to Indonesia to begin to implement the study I designed for Pelagic Data Systems. Unfortunately, there were several complications in the fishery I was supposed to be working in, and as such plans had to change. […]

Blue light and a blue mind

It’s kinda crazy that the first month of my summer fellowship has already passed by! It’s been an interesting month for me that has definitely required flexibility. Original plans for departure have changed drastically due to the fact that the 2 communities I will be working in are predominantly Muslim and this month has been […]

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