Author: Alexandra Long

You Can Take the Girl Out of Fiji

But you can’t take the Bula out of the girl.  Leaving Fiji has certainly been bittersweet, somewhat like that variety of chocolate which you cannot find in Fiji and was my first American food coming home (thanks Jason).  My experience at the IUCN was amazing.  I’ve never worked with people who were so welcoming and […]

Catching Up to the Pace of a Developing State

If you haven’t heard, Fiji will be cohosting COP 23 of the UNFCCC with Sweden this November. This is a pretty big deal because it is the first time a small island developing state has taken this role.  As an environmental policy student, and as an American, it is quite the change to see how […]

On Better Ocean Policy and Conservationists Catching Undersized Fish

Our first few weeks in Fiji have been a series of juxtapositions. Aimee and I live in an admittedly grimy, traffic ridden city but are only a bus ride away from pristine beaches.  I spend my working hours researching Ocean Policy Frameworks in the South Pacific but still happily chow down on tuna which is […]

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