Author: Carolyn Meyer

Greater Middlebury alumni community comes together in Nairobi

A June 9th reception in Nairobi drew over 25 members from the entire Middlebury community including alumni from Middlebury College, the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey (MIIS), the MIIS Frontier Market Scouts fellowship, and the MIIS Program on Design, Partnering, Management and Innovation (DPMI). The event was held at the Aga Khan Graduate […]

DPMI Kenya Course Focuses on Designing Solution Strategies for Local Systems

  Group includes 13 wonderfully diverse participants from seven countries Update from Nairobi, Kenya: We are halfway through our 8-day certificate training jointly offered by the Locus Network and the Program on Design, Partnering, Management and Innovation (DPMI) at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey (MIIS). Participant Profiles The group includes 13 participants […]

1500 USD Sarah Meek Africa Travel Awards for MIIS Students

***MIIS students completing research in Africa in 2015 are encouraged to apply! ***Research could be completed as part of an internship or job as well as for-credit or not-for-credit.   Announcing the Sarah Meek Travel Grant for Research in Africa Starting this January, four travel grants of $1500 each will be awarded for MIIS students […]

Course Description

Cuba has always found itself, or placed itself, in the most unusual circumstances. It was among the last of the Western Hemisphere countries to win independence (or at least nominal independence) from the Spanish. It was in part because such … Continue reading

Rwanda Suggested Reading List

This list of books on Rwanda was developed by DPMI Rwanda instructor, Marie Laugharn and DPMI Rwanda student, Grace Proctor.  Enjoy! 1) Rwanda Means the Universe  – Louise Mushikiwabo Mushikiwabo is a Rwandan working as a translator in Washington when she learns that … Continue reading

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