Author: Daniel Pavitt

Live from the first Social Hour!

MIIS Radio is back! Live from the first Social Hour: summer reflections, first week surprises, and hopes for the upcoming year ​This installment of MIIS Radio features voices from the first MIIS social event…

The Finale

It’s fair to assume that I have now had sufficient time to reflect on the goings-on of the past three weeks. But although time has passed since the inaugural SPP conclusion, I have not freed my mind of its contents. Many have asked me what I thought of the program; they knew of our trips […]

Arrival to the Mount Madonna Center

As we came up the windy path to the center, my car sickness quickly subsided as we entered the gates into this heavenly place in the mountains: we are lucky enough to call this home for the next 5 days. Of course, we all made the connection quickly: to study peacebuilding and discuss the topics […]

Reality Check

As we started our journey home yesterday from the CeaseFire program info session in Oakland, I received a call from my brother who had just received some startling news: his best friend has been arrested and accused of driving drunk and fatally injuring a motorcyclist in southern California this past weekend. The unfortunate fact about […]

Motivation for Local Change

This past week has been a whirlwind of long, informative days. In attempt to learn about what peacebuilding is, I feel as though a more encompassing question is “what isn’t peacebuilding?” From nuclear weapons to conflict and water, we have already been exposed to so many different themes that all revolve around peacebuilding, and although […]

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