Author: guerrillatravels

Mangrove Guardians

(A Hawksbill Sea Turtle being released by Pesca Limpa fishermen) (The mangroves of Bahia de Jiquilisco)   (Interviewing Raphael, a seafood distributor in Usulutan) (Me interviewing a seafood buyer in Puerto Parada, Bahia de Jiquilisco) (Giving a presentation to Pesca Limpia cooperative members on my findings) Bahia de Jiquilisco in El Salvador is home to […]

Por Fin..Sunzal

(Diego the wonder kid, dropping in on his half pipe) (Javier ripping it on the Rusty Slayer I gave him) (Guesthouse El Balsamo in Sunzal, El Salvador) (Veronica and Stefanie) (Javier, Diego, and me) (Ivan, Ivancito, and Yami) Two years ago when I started my first journey through Central America, the town of Sunzal in […]

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