Author: Galen Wangberg

“When is your data not data…?”

I heard a joke the other day, and it started with something like that. This joke was funny to me, not because the punchline was perfectly timed and delivered with just right amount of dryness, but because this initial statement perfectly reflected the challenges we as Arctic researchers have been facing over the summer. In […]

Summers are for…travel.

With an entire summer dedicated to researching one of the coldest places on earth, I often found myself wishing for a little more summer and a little less of Monterey’s fog. I love the idea of sweater weather as much as the next hippie environmental policy grad student, but occasionally a body needs some sun. […]

Celebrating ‘Murica from…home.

If the calendar on my phone is to be believed, June has already come and gone. July is well on its way towards completion. The idea that staying in Monterey for the summer would somehow slow time down seems to be proving a touch naïve. How do the photos from all the amazing places other […]

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