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Copperopolis Road Race

Though there aren’t any cobblestones on this course, due to the poor conditions of these roads, the Copperopolis Road Race is often referred to as the Paris Roubaix of California. Here my race report from this year’s Women’s Pro 1/2 race.

What a Year, and It’s far from Over

This year truly has been exciting for me and probably will continue like this as long as I find something to be excited about and to be inspired by those around me to at it. To start the year, I was inspired by my boyfriend to give my first cycling race a go. So, on […]

Reflections #10: Hanse Sail und Aufwiedersehen

I knew this trip was going to come to an end sooner than later, but somehow it still shocks me when I realize that I’ve spent three months in a different country and now I’m about to set foot on a plane that will take me far away from what I just adjusted to. Time […]

Reflections #9: Diving with the Seals

Spending parts of my life in the golden state of California, I’ve come across lots of surfers, swimmers, and divers. The Monterey Bay Aquarium was always one of my favorite places to visit as a kid. Even now, as an adult, it fascinates me to see all the different types of career paths you can […]

Reflections #8: DAAD RISE Scholars meeting in Heidelberg

It’s come and gone! This entire trip to Germany seemed to have reached its climax last week, but nevertheless, I still remain in GER. Most of my co-workers here at the Marine Science Center went on a week-long conference in Bonn, and then it was my own time to go to a meeting in Heidelberg. […]

Reflections #7: Warnemünder Woche

With all the excitement from the Warnemünde Woche now finally dissipating, it’s about time I recall all my wonderful memories and tell you about them. The Warnemünde Woche, as you could probably guess, takes place in the busy tourist town called Warnemünde each year. Warnemünde is an active city anyways, but during this special week, […]

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