Author: Jeremy Borgia

Tips for a Personal Website

Building your personal website can seem like the most daunting task in the process of building your web presence. But it doesn’t have to be! There are a number of sites and services, many of them free, that provide a framework and templates that let you quickly and painlessly build a personal site. So, why build […]


Slideshare is a visual platform that allows you to upload files and presentations. Once uploaded to your Slideshare profile, you can share these files on your LinkedIn profile, your blog or personal website, or anywhere else you see fit. The site is owned by LinkedIn and so it syncs particularly well with that service. Below are […]


LinkedIn is widely used in the professional world, with 94% of recruiters reporting that they use the site to vet candidates. So, it’s very important to have as part of your professional identity. For professionals and job-seekers building web presence, LinkedIn is an absolute must. The site is widely used in the professional community, and […]


When you’re building and cultivating your web presence, it’s crucial to control what results people see when they search for you. That’s why—even if you don’t use it for anything else—it’s important to maintain a Google+ profile. Moreover, if and when you have a virtual interview via Google Hangout, your profile will be visible, and […]

The DLC is growing!

We’ve expanded and adapted our spaces to better meet the needs of the MIIS community. Come check out our spaces to find out how each of them can be useful to you. Get to know our three spaces The Design Space (MG 001) The Design Space, located on the ground floor of the McGowan building, is […]

Building Your Web Presence

So, you want to build you web presence. But where do you start? Let this article be your guide to developing a web presence that will help you achieve your professional and personal goals. First, assess where you are To get where you’re going, you need to start where you are. So, first we have to figure […]

Unleashing Creativity with Legos

On Friday, September 4, the Digital Learning Commons (DLC) hosted its first Lego Serious Play party. Participants were given the opportunity to unplug, build, and share. They received identical lego kits and various prompts, including creating a model of your ideal life, creating a personal SWOT model, creating a model of your past, present, or future life, […]

Forms Training

So you want to add a form to your page? Here’s a brief overview to help you get started. Enjoy! [By Jeremy Borgia] Need help? Make an Appointment at the DLC! Forms are a very useful tool to integrate into your MIIS page. They invite users to participate interactively, and are a forum for them […]

So you want to record a Skype call?

This semester, the DLC has tried to understand what we can help YOU with. By conducting both software- and task-based needs assessments, we got a glimpse of how we can help the MIIS community better. One of the questions we were asked most repeatedly is “how can I record a Skype call?” To answer your […]

SEO & Web Content Guidelines

Content Keywords incorporated, but appropriately spaced When applicable, full program title included in content Full names referenced before acronym use Link to program requirements included on program pages Location specified when appropriate Carousel items removed where possible to speed page loading Hyperlinks Keywords used in hyperlinked text rather than “click here” Keywords used in hyperlink […]

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