Author: Joshua Morris

Chapter 2 in which Josh continually wonders what could possibly go wrong

What could possibly go wrong? is a question that comes up in my personal life frequently, though not as a genuine query. It’s a useful way to tag the dumb commitments I make to uncertain courses of action. For example, I employed it once on an after-dark stroll through San Francisco’s Tenderloin District. Another time as […]

Lizard Replaces Queen on Coin, and Other Wonderful News

It’s 11:23 A.M. I’m down to the dregs of my 5th cup of coffee, and I am wired. Intellectually I know that excess coffee leads to crippling anxiety and poor sleep, but there’s an intemperate devil on my shoulder whispering “Whatever! You’ll sleep when you’re dead, and you’re never gonna die!” So, with brain, skin, […]

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