Author: Justin Wright

We’re Surfers

We’re Surfers. All of us. The only difference is what we’re surfing for. Some surf for peace, some surf for joy, some surfing for creativity, some surf to be cool, some surf for establishment, some surf against establishment, some surf … Continue reading

Saya Tidak Perlu Pipet

I do not agree with the Buddhist belief that life is suffering. Life is a beautiful, unknowable, and magical time of existence that will never happen again in the same manner that it happens now. Surely though, unconscious life is, … Continue reading

Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia: Round 2

So, I’m back in Uluwatu, in Bali, Indonesia.  Here’s why.  After teaming up with Conservation International last year, our surfonomics paper showed that Uluwatu brings an estimated amount of 35 million US dollars.  For any place in the world, that … Continue reading

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