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A Message about the Elections from Dr. Peter Grothe

On Behalf of Dr. Peter Grothe: You are here at a very important time in American history. As you know, Americans two years ago voted for the the first black president  in US history. The country is just finishing a bitter election campaign and the vote tomorrow (Tuesday) will have a very important effect on […]

Email from Tax Office

The Tax Office at Middlebury sent out an email to all new international students on Tuesday, September 21st.  The email asks you to complete information in  FNIS, Foreign National Information System.  This is not a spam email. Please follow the instructions.  This information is for MIIS/Middlebury use and not any outside agency.  If you have […]

Optional Practical Training

International students in F-1 status who are graduating at the end of fall semester can begin to apply for OPT now.  The Office of International Services provides information on OPT on the MIIS website.  In order to request a new I-20 for an OPT appl…

OIS Worshops

 OIS WORKSHOPS FALL 2010   The Office of International Services will hold the following workshops for all international students.  For more information, stop by Student Affairs or send an email to   Date Room Title Time of Event 09/14/2010 B104 Strategies for Academic Survival for International Students.  12:30 to 2:00 09/21/2010 B104 Social Security […]

Tax Email from Middlebury

Beginning next week, all new international students should expect to receive an email from the TAX MANAGER.  This email is from the tax office at Middlebury; it is not from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  The email is long, but please follow the instructions carefully. Included at the end of the email, you will find […]

Interactive Campus Map

Being new to campus can either be fun and/ or challenging (depending on the adventurer in you). This map will be updated and provide more information of what you can find in the different buildings. Just click on an icon and you can see information for…

Recreational option #1 – Monterey Bay

In this series, Recreational options, we would like to introduce you to different activities and places you can go to during the weekends to relax and spend time with friends. However, are you unfamiliar with the area? There are many great options, it being a visit to a museum, aquarium, or go hiking in one […]

Neighborhoods by MIIS

Looking for a place to live can be a full-time job.  Especially when you are moving to a place you have never been to before.  One of the main challenges is knowing where the best housing options are located in relations to MIIS. The housing database administrated by Student Affairs is divided into different neighborhoods such as Monterey, Seaside, Carmel, […]

What is happening in Monterey?

If you are interested in finding out what is happening in the Monterey area, this is a great resource to see what, when, and where things are going on. Click on the photo and it will take you to the calender for 2010.

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