Author: Katie Petitt

One Week

I just got done talking to Nebiyu, a journalist student working part-time at the hotel I am staying at. He has been nothing but helpful and hospitable. After I told him why I am here in Ethiopia for the next 2 months, he said, “The people are with you”. I couldn’t have put it better […]

Traveling to Addis Continued

  Day 3 & 4 6/10/14 & 6/11/14 I’m back! Houston Airport -> DC-> Frankfurt, Germany -> Saudi Arabia->Addis Ababa -> New Home      I have always loved to travel. As a very small child my grandparents would put me in their pop-up trailer and we would travel the coasts and swamps of Texas. My mom […]

Traveling to Addis

Day 1 06/06/14  Ciudad Colon (my home) -> San Jose -> Houston -> San Antonio -> Mom’s house     Today was a big travel day. I flew away from my home for the last 11 months, from my friends, from my Costa Rican family and my husband. It is a lot to leave behind.   […]

In Transition

  I think I am one of the last Peacebuilder Fellows to arrive to their country, so I have a bit more time before I head off to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I am thankful for my extra time as I just graduated from my Masters Program in Costa Rica on Friday and need to wrap […]

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