Author: Katrina Lewis

Fair Trade Cocaine.

Earlier in the program, Paolina commented briefly on the impact of Reagan’s “War on Drugs.” Her comment made me consider how we think and talk about distribution and purchasing power of drugs. Typically, one hears about those that are distributing and selling drugs and associated violence, but we often forget about those that purchase and […]

Memorials and Conflict.

On Monday, August 3, 2015, Dr. Susan Hirsch wrapped up her morning discussion on “Justice and Law in Post-conflict Setting” with memorialization. Memorials are one way to remember an event and/or conflict, especially if justice has not been addressed by society. However the process of creating a memorial can cause conflict within various associated groups—from […]

Design and Peacebuilding.

Humans live in a built realm, use and buy designed products, create and design our individual realities. All around the world people live in a built environment, whether it is designed formally or informally. What designers create affects and changes the lives of individuals and societies. Peace processes and related practitioners are often unaware of issues […]

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