Author: Kyle Burnett

CBE Fellowship Reflections – From Monterey to Galway (IE) and Back.

It’s been a great summer. School has restarted and we’ve began new marine projects out in Monterey. But, back in Galway, our team came across a lot of findings and interesting data, lacuna for research, and a plethora of memories along the way. This article will be a little summary of what myself and our […]

A City by the Sea: Gaillimh

Welcome back to my second installment of our CBE Fellows blog report. Reporting live: From Galway (Gaillimh) Ireland ! I left you last time with the first stages of our project — valuing sea-floor resources, and it has come a long way. My colleagues at the SEMRU unit have been instrumental in helping me get up […]

Fáilte go hÉirinn! / Welcome to Ireland

Dear reader, Sit and stay for’a moment wont’cha, hey, what’s the craic ? Luck be have-it, you’re on the right path. My name is Kyle Here on ‘ole Emerald Isle If you keep on readin’ your luck won’t turn back. I’m here in Galway for habitats and economical. Through SEMRU and CBE, it was a […]

Student Club Fair

Yesterday, February 6th, 2018, was the Student Club Fair at MIIS. I attended as there is a club in which I am creating, and through this, I met a lot of cool people with great ideas to collaborate and … Read the rest

Audio Workshop!

Hey everyone, Interested in learning some basics of audio editing? Come out on Tuesday afternoon to have a run-through with yours truly, Kyle! Here, we will go over how to record in Audacity, how to cut and edit audio sources, … Read the rest

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