Author: Kelley Calvert

GWC Now Open!

It’s a new semester and a new series of writing assignments! Make an appointment for the Graduate Writing Center using the online system at The Graduate Writing Center opened Monday, September 24th. You can find us on the west … Continue reading

The Writing Process

Make an appointment online Many of us share the unfortunate tendency of waiting until the last minute to write a paper. However, we should consider getting feedback on our documents from the beginning stages of writing until the finishing touches. … Continue reading

Speaker-Understander Meeting: DMC, GWC, TAs Oh My!

“Our self-esteem emerges from contact with others who provide us with the five A’s. The five A’s are not extras. They are the components of the healthy, individuated ego: Attention from others leads to self-respect. Acceptance engenders a sense of being inherently a good person. Appreciation generates a sense of self-worth. Affection makes us feel […]

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