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Tax Manager Emails

If you are a new student, you will receive an email from Dr. Corinna Noelke from Middlebury College with the subject: MIIS Immigration Data Request.
This email will direct you to Foreign National Information System (FNIS) website. You will be given login/password information and instructions on completing the information.  This is not a U.S. government […]

Graduating in December?

If you are graduating in December, NOW is the time to apply for Optional Practical Training (OPT).  OPT is a 12-month work authorization for students in F-1 Status.  To apply for OPT you must submit an application to USCIS and the processing time can take up to three months.  The Office of International Services suggests […]

Social Security Numbers for International Students

If  you are a new international student and will be working on campus, you will need to apply for a social security number.  In order to apply for a social security number, you will first need to pick up an SSN Application packet from Human Resources or the Office of International Services.
As a part of the […]

Missed the International Student Orientation?

If you were not able to make the International Student Orientation, you can view the International Student Orientation.  The viewing time is about 24 minutes and you will be provided with information on the Office of International Services, basic immigration information, student regulations and work authorization. watch?v=64AruAjm93Y

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