Author: Saba Ijadi


What do you get when you mix one policy wonk,  a house full of scientists, and an island full of endemic iguanas and beaches covered in plastic? A FRANKEN-GUANA! Utila Carnival happens once a year, and the entire island gets together to celebrate the glory that is life on Utila. My friends at the Kanahau […]

Cigarettes and Kevin De Bruyne

What do cigarettes and Kevin De Bruyne have in common? Absolutely nothing! But somehow we are using them to look at a vexing issue: Banning and/or taxing plastic straws, bags, and bottles seems to be in vogue, but are they effective? Last week while I was watching Belgium utterly destroy Brazil in the World Cup […]

Thinking Hyper Locally in Utila

Click here for the first post and general info about Think Beyond Plastic (and check out their website) and what I’m working on this summer. I am living on the island of Utila.  Plastic sucks. But it’s also very useful and incredibly cheap. How can something that pretty much never degrades be worth less than one cent […]

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