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New Year’s Resolution: Filing Your Tax Return

Do you owe Uncle Sam this year?
You may find that you are not “required” to file. Determine if you are required to submit a tax return now!
Does the IRS Owe You?
Then by all means…FILE! That’s the only way to get your money back. And we highly doubt any of you would want to miss out […]

‘Tis the Season for Giving

Financial Aid to the Rescue! The holidays should be about surrounding yourself with friends, family, and good times. Make this year memorable not because of the expensive gifts you gave, but because of the special times you shared with your loved ones! Here are a few shopping tips and gift ideas that won’t break […]

Turkey Dinners

If you’re unable to convince your family to give up their tradition of cooking Thanksgiving dinner at their home each year, invite some of your friends over. Not all of your classmates are going out of town for the holidays. Find out who’s in town and host Thanksgiving dinner ‘potluck’ style. This will reduce your […]

Holiday Travel

If at all possible, try to avoid peak traveling days. Not only are airports a crowded disaster on these days, but these peak travel days can cost a bundle. Typically, the two best days to travel by air during the Thanksgiving holiday are on Thanksgiving and the Friday following. If you choose […]

Eating Well

Food can take quite a bite out of your budget. Improve your budget by making smarter choices and having a plan:

Don’t throw away leftovers – add them to a new meal the next day or freeze it for later.
Eat before you go to the grocery store and use a list – you will spend much […]

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