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Meet the Team: Chinese

We recently caught up with Junnan (Ryan) Ouyan, the MIIS L10N Chinese Project Manager! Here’s what Ryan had to say: Where are you from? When/why did you begin studying your B language and what is your experience with it? I’m from Hangzhou, … Continue reading

Meet the Team: Japanese

Anne Awaya is the project manager for MIIS L10N’s Japanese team. Here’s what she had to say in a recent interview about her experiences with Japanese and how it brought her to L10N: When/why did you begin studying your B … Continue reading

Meet the Team: Portuguese

  Manuela Silveira is the project manager for MIIS L10N’s Portuguese team.  She was recently interviewed about the experiences that led her to Localization and what she has been upto at L10N. Here’s what she had to say: Where are you … Continue reading

What are we up to?

Currently MIIS L10N is working on transcreating the TLM page for MIIS. As the Monterey Institute continues to diversify its already global campus it becomes more and more important to be able to provide information to prospective students in their … Continue reading

Ted Talks

Here’s what MBA advisor Ted Bouras had to say about his recent attendance at the Seattle Localization world conference.   Ted: Localization World was a real treat for a newbie like me. I learned  A LOT about localization management—from the client side and the provider side. The event was fairly small so it was easy […]

So… What do you do at MIIS L10N?

This is a pretty common question for students who here about MIIS L10N. Basically, in 2011 a TLM was inspired after a talk with a recruiter for Localization professionals. Localization is a very new industry, and most people are not … Continue reading

L10N is now on Facebook and Twitter

Find us under MIIS L10N. Follow us to connect with translator and localization managers and to find out about events and the exciting work were doing here at L10N.

Hello lovers of translation and localization!

We are the MIIS L10N group at the Monterey Institute. We are based out of the DLC, you can check out their blog @ to find the new location. So what do we do here at L10N? Well you only need to look at the MIIS website ( and see how many language options we […]

Invitation to Alumni

MIIS Lion is a student-run localization initiative that strives to give students practical experience with localization projects. Currently, we are involved in producing content for a number of pages on the MIIS website in Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Russian, German, Spanish, and French. As you know, language quality is an important issue in […]

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