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The Privilege of Language

I tend to have a bad habit of meeting the best people on trains. What started off as a desperate plea for help from a slightly lost tourist on a train from Munich became the start of a conversation with Tiago, a sports education professor from Brazil. …

Becoming a Charity Case

As a Peace Corps Volunteer, it’s quite common for other Americans to pity you, especially those who live in the same country as you. Many a party I have met Embassy employees who told me with a smile, “Thank you so much for your service. I could never imagine doing what you do. I mean, […]

Fidelity, Faith, and Football

Fidelity, Faith, and Football Fidelity 1 The phone rang. As I dug it out of my pocket, I casually answered, “Hey brother, what’s up?” “Nothing good,” came the reply. “My wife left me. The children are gone. She took everything.” I sat there in stunned silence on the other end, wondering what to say next, […]

The Power of Language: Politically Speaking

When I first wrote about the bilingualism of Cameroon, I was amused by the challenges set before Cameroon as a country of two official languages. It seemed rather laughable, watching people from the same country attempt to converse on the side of the street over mundane affairs such as cab fare, as if they came […]

Taking Advice Seriously

“Excuse me,” I asked smiling to the ladies selling corn on the side of the road. “Can you tell me where to go to get to…..Mfou?” I loved pronouncing the name of the town, because it sounded exactly like “fool” to me in French, which is how I felt at that moment. There I was, […]

Dreaming of a Bright Future

“Girls are harassed, assaulted and raped.” “Sugar daddies exist.” “Girls get harassed by men in their community. Family members, classmates, even teachers.” I knew all of these statements to be true when I had worked with a team of classmates at our course with Partners in Health in Rwanda. We had worked out a puzzle […]

Work as a Peace Corps Volunteer: It’s what you make of it.

Flashback to 2013: “I think you should definitely sign up for the Masters International Peace Corps program. Those two years of my life as a volunteer were amazing.” I was wondering what Professor Kent Glenzer was going to say next, but no words came over the phone. Nervous since I didn’t really know him that […]

Girls in Tech Cameroon

For the past few years I have been working with Girls in Tech in Cameroon, supporting their STEM clubs: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics clubs for girls. The clubs are run by teachers at participating schools who are trained during the summer to help girls learn hands on practical skills. The girls meet after school […]

Watching Change Happen – An Attempt at a Scientific Approach

This morning the most exciting thing happened. I had decided to go visit my friend and counterpart, Gautier who lives in the neighborhood. As usual I took the back route, a rather treacherous shortcut which goes straight through a marshy suspicious smelling stream. Usually if it rains you find yourself managing to hobble from one […]

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