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Excel Learning Series

META LAB and the DLC are collaborating to provide a series of Excel workshops throughout the Fall 2014 semester to support the MIIS community.  Learning sessions will progress from introductory topics to more advanced tools and functions. Your facilitator will be META Lab graduate assistant and Data Analysis Teaching Assistant:...

The Center for the Blue Economy Presents: The Ocean and Coastal Resource Management Lecture Series

This week Erich Pacheco, Manager of the Ocean Health Index at Conservation International, and Ben Halpern, Professor of Marine Biology at UC-Santa Barbara, will give the talk “Ocean Health Index Regional Assessments: A Tool to Inform Decision-Making and Maximize Sustainable Ocean Productivity.”  The series is open to all students and any member of the public interested...

Kevin Emore/ Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies, Spanish

I wish my first foray into Spanish was a little more profound than “I need to take a language, let’s give Spanish a shot,” but it really wasn’t. I was coming back to the US for the first time in almost ten years after living and working on four different continents doing a variety of […]

Peter Soroka, Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies & Arabic

As I stepped onto the tarmac at Muscat International Airport to begin a summer long Arabic program, I became enveloped by a heavy miasma of humidity. I couldn’t wait to grab my luggage, head to my air-conditioned hotel room, and change into lighter clothing. Little did I know that these simple desires would never come […]

MIIS now has access to Science Online!

Thanks to Middlebury for helping us to get a license for  Science Online.  We now have access to news and research articles from Science dating from 1997.  You’ll find a link to Science on our databases list.  You’ll also find it link…

Looking for a good film?

The Library has just added these new DVDs to its collection: Page One: Inside the New York Times Nueva Reinas/Nine Queens (Argentina) Fresa y chocolate/Strawberry & Chocolate  (Cuba) Amores perros (Mexico) El Aura/The Aura (Argentina) Guantanamera (Cuba) Los Olvidados (Mexico) Weapons Races Bill Moyers: God & Politics All of these new DVDs are available for 3-day checkout @ the Library!

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