The Blue Pioneers Program aims to leverage the talents and resources in coastal California to develop leaders and innovators who start and grow organizations to overcome ocean conservation challenges in Asia.

The Blue Pioneers Program (BPP) was initiated in early 2016 by the David and Lucile Packard Foundation in the United States and the Paradise Foundation and Yintai Foundation in China, in recognition of the central role that the blue economy will play in Asia’s 21st Century development and the tremendous need for leaders and entrepreneurs who can build organizations that innovate to solve the challenges to advance ocean conservation and sustainable use.

The 2019 two-week accelerator program in Monterey aims to leverage the talents and organizational resources in coastal California to create an immersive learning course that will expand the participants’ capacity to start and grow new nonprofits and social enterprises or to transform established organizations, with a bias toward actions to solve complex ocean conservation and sustainable use problems.

Dates: July 28-August 10, 2019

Location: Monterey, California

The 2019 group includes 20 participants from across the Asia Pacific region including mainland China, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Indonesia, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, the Philippines, and South Korea. 

For information about our 2019 fellows’ work, click here.

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