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Merci bien to all those who came out for French 1 this week. As I explained in both classes, we have two sections this semester for French 1. Ça serait GÉNIAL if you could come out to both each week. As always with language, the more you practice, the better!

This week, in both sections, we went over introductions. The slides that I used during class can be found here. Let me know if you have any questions or can’t access the slides (you can post a comment here, or e-mail me at becky.bierman@gmail.com).

Keep practicing introductions for next week, when we’ll expand on the vocabulary a bit. To practice, try listening to the vocabulary we learned, as well as other vocabulary, at this audio dictionary. Start thinking more about French pronunciation, and what sounds are distinct from English sounds.

See you next week, Tuesday at 1 in B107, or Friday at 1 in B207!

2 Responses to “French 1 – Two classes bien réussis!”

  1. Sabira says:

    J’aime les carotte, les ‘epinards, les pommes et les noix.

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