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Nihongo (Japanese language)


Hi everyone!

A big ‘doumo’ to everyone who came to our class today.  It was wonderful to meet everyone and we hope to make our class fun and a good use of everyone’s time!  🙂

Today’s agenda:

1.  Introductions (Watashi wa  _______ desu.)

2.  Restaurant dialogue

2.  Needs analysis  (Most requests for basic conversation related to food, getting around as a tourist,  and reading/writing)

3.  Basic introduction dialogue  (Word document)

4.  Greetings (Powerpoint)

5.  Basic pronunciation (vowels, long vowels and double consonants)

Please email us with any questions or comments or post your comments here!

Ja ne, mata raishu!  (See you next week!!)

Chris and Kimby

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